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Always own your own money…

I drove back to my lonely home.

I was embarrassed. I replayed the scenario at the restaurant over and over again in my head. I remembered the facial expressions of the other women at the table. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. …

I tell you, the things you find out when you become someone else.

He proposed during the holidays with a 2.5 karat diamond ring. I was excited. This was meant to be the beginning of something new and huge in our lives. I was excited. I wanted a huge wedding with two hundred people. I had been compiling the list of attendees since…

People only think of dying during funerals

Mom’s funeral was packed full of people. Young and old. Family members from both sides. Some of her family members I had never met before were in attendance. It took a while to plan the funeral, about three weeks. A Go Fund me was set up for donations that would…

Your life can change in one minute.

How could Giselle be dead?

What could have possibly happened? These were the questions I asked myself as I sat in the corner watching the paramedics put her body into the dreaded black body bag. Tears streamed down my face. Giselle finally found love. She wanted the married life. She…

Your card is not going through, do you have another one?

“So now you are ignoring me.”

The message popped up on my phone as I put away the clothes I had brought out from the dryer into the foldaway clothes basket. This was a tactic Osas uses to guilt trip me.
I had gone to enough therapy sessions to realize that…

Lola Os

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