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Before I decided to throw my marriage into the boondocks, everything was going well.

I lacked nothing.

I did not have to work, it was an option not a necessity.

I had pocket money.

I went on lavish vacations or rather baecations.

The luxury goods in my closet were valued the price of a full boutique.

I was happy, got regular sex, great foot rubs and massages.

I could be described as one of the few women who found a husband on a platter of gold.

I guessed I was positioned in the right place and time to receive him…

I had been home and streaming church online since the pandemic. It felt good to be back in church. I was happy to see the members of my cell group physically. The Zoom meetings were great, but group hugs and cheek kisses were greater.

Naomi, a lady I had the biggest crush was heavily pregnant and had gotten married during the pandemic. I should have made the move, but I did not. She smiled nervously at me when she saw me. I nodded. We both understood. The usher who looked dapper in a black suit ushered me into a seat…

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it is not for the fainthearted.

My grandmother was an entrepreneur. She had multiple streams of income and it kept her on her toes. As a child, I rarely spent time with her unless it was the weekend or we travelled for holidays. She rarely came to school meetings unless she was requested by the teacher to show up or I got into trouble which was rarely.

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It sounds exciting to own your own business, no need to clock in or clock out, answer to a boss or beg for time odd.


Kyrian and Ada were lovers, they were like best friends, they decided to spend their lives together. As Catholics, they were required to do the genotype test before getting married. They both found out that they carried the sickle cell traits and it was possible to have a child or two, maybe three that would have the sickle cell disease, so they end their love affair of a few years. It was painful because it was a dream that had to end.

While the decision sounds wise, there are other ways to deal with the stigma that comes with either…

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If it doesn’t serve you well, don’t bother with it.

One thing I have realized about time is that it is priceless. You can never get it back. When you waste your time, be it a second, minute, hour , day, month or year, you can never get it back.

A lot of people work dead end jobs. It is the rat race that America wakes up everyday to run. After the age of sixty five, some people realize that they have never truly lived. They missed the little milestones in their children’s lives while pulling a hustle. …

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There is something about the forbidden fruit.

I didn’t mean for it to happen

But it did happen

He was fifteen years older

He was very cute

His marriage was troubled

It affected his work

One day, he graded me wrongly

When i went to him to have my work re graded

He looked at me

It was normal for a teacher to look at his student

But this look was different

It was lustful

He stared at my D cups which were fighting to pop out of my shirt

My D cups

The most attractive part of my body

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You do not always have to say yes or be liked.

How has life been for the first half of the year?

The second quarter is almost over and what experience has enriched you so far. For me, one thing I have chosen is Peace.

There is something about having peace of mind and in peace in your life that trumps everything. This is a path that I have chosen and so far, it has brought me a lot of joy.

How are your relationships with people?

What are the boundaries you have set for yourself?

Do you sabotage your inner peace to make others happy?

Healthy relationships require and respect…

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He expected so much.

I never intended for any of it to happen but it sure did.

I was a few months shy of my sixteenth birthday.

We just had a major school event.

Sports day. The only day when we didn’t have to wear our school uniforms. The navy blue checkered blouses and royal blue skirts. Excited teenage girls in a single sex school. We folded the short sleeves of our T shirts. We got to do our hair how we wanted. Pink Hair Lotion was our best friend, it made our hair soft, silky and straight. …

Is our generation going to continue paying black tax?

My grandparents had a nice home. They were middle class earners with a very nice lifestyle. They married young and spent more than fifty years of their lives together until my grandfather passed away.

I spent a good portion of my life with my grandparents. Since they were well to do, we had unnamed distant relatives in form of cousins, sisters, aunts and uncles stay at the house. My grandparents always made room for people to stay. There was more than enough food to eat. They were comfortable. …

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Do not compare your life with someone else's.

There is a Yoruba proverb which states not to work on anyone else’s clock.

Your friend got married first.

Your friends are having kids, you are not anywhere near thinking of conception.

Your friend bought their family home first.

Your coworker bought the car you always dreamed of first.

Your cousin got into a PHD program and finished before you.

There are so many timelines or rather milestones that one would aspire to get to, but due to one thing or another there is a delay.

A delay that sets us back can be disappointing and frustrating. The thing to…

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