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Lola Os
4 min readJul 31, 2022


Who is your daddy?

The date went well.
If I had to rate it, I would give the date a seven out of ten. The food and drink was great. I had not eaten delicious food like that in a long time. The waiter gave a five star service. I was impressed, and I knew I was going to come back here. Maybe with someone else, not Owen.
Owen was nervous. The conversation was not what he expected. And he shouldn’t have. I wasn’t trying to be predictable. I wanted to be the girl who will keep him on his toes. He probably wasn’t used to that kind of stuff.
“Are you okay?” I asked as I shoved a spoonful of rice in my mouth.
He nodded. He didn’t say anything. If he was trying to make me uncomfortable, it wasn’t going to work. Probably what’s the kind of dude who liked passive aggressiveness. The type of dude who always wanted someone to ask what was wrong. That was some kids stuff. and I’m not a kid.
After eating we chatted for a bit. He steered away from talking about his family. I wasn’t going to let it go so easily, so I allowed him to talk about what he felt comfortable bringing up.
He talked about the new project he was working on. He had been trying to start building a new development for students. He recently set up a Laundromat close to campus. From what I knew about laundromats, they were huge money makers, and he was cashing out in his sleep. I nodded my head thoughtfully as I absorbed information.
“Awesome, I am glad you are doing so well,” I replied. “I want to be a wealthy woman when I grow up,” I told him.
“You are wealthy, you come from money,” he replied with a smile.
“My parents' money is different from my money, I haven’t started making any yet,” I replied.
“Do you have any trust funds or investment property in your name?” He asked.
My dad had some account set up for me as part of my inheritance, but I wasn’t going to tell Owen anything about it. I don’t know what else my parents had going for me. I never bothered to ask. I was well taken care of.
“ None, that I know of,” I told him. He raised his right eyebrow. I gave him a questioning look.
“Why are you staring at me like that?” I asked.”
“You need to get something in your name that would…



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